ECE Undergraduate Laboratories
ECE 342 Energy Conversion

Experiment 1: Single Phase Power Measurement



  1. Select a value of resistor on the rack by using an ohmmeter.
  2. Set up the circuit as shown in fig 1 and use the resistor rack as load.
  3. Use the variac to supply single phase voltage between 60-120 V to the resistor.
  4. Use the digital wattmeter as wattmeter.
  5. Measure Voltage Current and power absorbed by the load and record your readings in table 1.
  6. Switch off the variac and repeat step 4 using the fluke meter as the wattmeter.
  7. Take a picture of your table and upload it under Lab assignment 1 “Data”

Figure  1.1
Figure 1.1:

  Voltage Current wattmeter
Using digital wattmeter      
Using fluke meter      
Table 1.1


  1. Find the power absorbed by:
    1. Formula
    2. Instrument reading (i) Fluke meter (ii) Digital wattmeter.
  2. Compare the two readings (formula and wattmeter) .